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Architect Toolset

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Limited Edition – Series Two

For the architects in our lives. Aspirational or professional, accuracy in illustration is essential. That’s why we included our innovative folding ruler Stria which finds angles at 45-degree increments and our Høvel pencil sharpener for the perfect point. Featuring our very own collaboration Blackwing X Makers Cabinet Pencils and Høvel's walnut base, you’ll see their grand designs come to life.

We collaborated with the expert marbler Jemma Lewis to create a paper design to encase the set and reflect its craftsmanship.

This set includes:

– Høvel Pencil Plane and Wooden Base
– Stria Folding Ruler
– Set of 12 Blackwing X Makers Cabinet Pencils



Recycled card and paper giftbox. Products inside made of solid brass, stainless steel, Badalassi Carlo veg Tan Leather and Califonria cedar Pencils.


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Stria is a folding ruler made of brass with an hard-wearing brushed finish. It is highly engineered to be an unceasingly intuitive and cherished tool. Featuring both imperial and metric on either side, Stria is perfect for every creative.


Høvel is an entirely reimagined pencil sharpener. Høvel pencil plane enables you to whittle your pencil perfectly to any desired point. Its unique mechanism also helps to not break the lead of your pencil, unlike the commonly used sharpener, which twists and snaps graphite. Due to its solid brass body, its weight is a joy, and it gains beauty and character with age.

Collaboration Blackwing Pencils

Introducing our first-ever collaboration Blackwing Pencils. They feature an exposed incense-cedar casing with a subtle clear matte finish embellished with three shades of Makers Cabinet's own brand colours.

Wooden Base for høvel

The base functions as a chamber for shavings as you sharpen and looks great on any desk. Both walnut and cork bases make the perfect companion to your Høvel.