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Lines and Curves - Gift Box with Yousef Sabry

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€325,95 EUR
Normaler Preis
€325,95 EUR

Gift Box featuring wrap design by artist Yousef Sabry. Includes:

Stria + Sheath

Iris + Iris Sheath

12 x Limited Edition Makers Cabinet x Blackwing Pencils

6 x Limited Edition Makers Cabinet x Blackwing Erasers


Recycled card and paper giftbox. Products inside made of solid brass, stainless steel, Badalassi Carlo veg Tan Leather and Califonria cedar Pencils.


– Versand weltweit seit 2017
– Bestellungen werden innerhalb von 1-2 Werktagen versandt
– Kostenlose Lieferung für Bestellungen im Vereinigten Königreich über 50 £
– Kostenloser Expressversand weltweit für Bestellungen über 150 £

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Stria is a folding ruler made of brass with an hard-wearing brushed finish. It is highly engineered to be an unceasingly intuitive and cherished tool. Featuring both imperial and metric on either side, Stria is perfect for every creative.


Iris gives you the freedom to draw circles effortlessly. Enjoy drawing single, concentric, or even shaded circles with its unique moving aperture. The walnut centring tool allows you to position your circle to a given point or can be used as a stand to display your Iris.

Collaboration Blackwing Pencils

Introducing our first-ever collaboration Blackwing Pencils. They feature an exposed incense-cedar casing with a subtle clear matte finish embellished with three shades of Makers Cabinet's own brand colours.

Leather Sheath for Iris and Stria

Add an extra layer of protection with our premium, Italian made and tanned Badalassi Carlo Leather Sheaths. The leather has a rich hue that deepens gracefully with time and use.